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How to join

Become an ORWA member by:

  • Attending up-to 2 ORWA workshops as a non-member ($20 fee) to:
    • learn more about us
    • get know members
    • ask questions about membership
  • Sign up for a RWA: ($99 + $25 new member fee)
    • Associate Membership (if you’re not published)
    • General Membership
  • Turn in the ORWA membership application form (online or in-person)
  • Pay the $60 ORWA  fee (Cash, cheque or Paypal)
  • Contact us with any questions

Step 1: Membership application

Apply in person at any of our events using the printable PDF form and paying by cash or cheque.

You can also use this online form.

By applying online, you understand and agree that your membership will only be activated upon receipt of payment and confirmation of RWA membership. You may attend our meetings and workshops while you wait for your RWA approval.

Fields marked with an * are required

Membership in the Romance Writers of America is mandatory for ORWA members. If your RWA membership is pending, please mark pending in the field below.

Check below whether you'll be paying cheque or money order (in person at the next meeting) or via Pay Pal once you've submitted this form.

Once you click “submit” your membership application has been sent to us and you can proceed to step 2 (payment).

Step 2: Payment

You can pay by cash or cheque at any of our events or you can use the PayPal option to pay online. Once you click on the PayPal button you will be directed off our site and onto their secure payment site.

Pay now with Paypal.