Amid Impetuous Futures, by Helga R Paxton 30-January-2024

Amid impetuous Futures: Kingdom of the Grasses book 1 by Helga R Paxton 30/01/2024

Amid Impetuous Futures: Kingdom of the Grasses book 1 by Helga R Paxton 30-January-2024

The eldest child of the Queen of the Grasses, Valentina, grew up learning magic in seclusion. Uncertain if her younger brother, the eldest son, would be heir to the throne, she kept out of sight. The royal family’s status as magic users and the queen pushing for the ascension of her daughter caused the forces that spent the last few centuries controlling magic and social norms to attempt to assassinate the royal family and place a puppet on the throne. They failed in spectacular fashion and have left the kingdom in flux. With objections to her ascension in ashes Valentina is publicly declared heir. With the alignment of powers, the availability of magics, and assumptions of the social norms of the Kingdom in flux, Valentina faces many challenges, and endeavours to find a suitable partner to support her reign.

Ludin, raised by the order of Tyr, grew up learning battle magic, and magical logistics; he served in the Union Navy. Disenchanted with technology he retreated to a secluded mountain monastery from the high-tech world around him. His old sword master recruited him as a sparring partner in a newly connected dimension with the water wheel as their chief technology. He found himself drawn into the kingdom’s struggles to find new paths into a magic proliferated future.

With the uncertainty in the kingdom Valentina is encouraged to make a choice that reunites her with the remnants of the forces of the old order, while others suggest a choice to increase ties with neighbours. Practice in magic and the staff brings Valentina and Luden closer together, and they find happiness in each other’s company as forces around them endeavour to keep them apart.