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  • Ins and Out of Email Marketing with Holly Darling; Sunday, May 5 · 2 – 4pm EDT

    Ins and Out of Email Marketing with Holly Darling; Sunday, May 5 · 2 – 4pm EDT

    2024 has once again flipped the rules of email marketing upside down. Inside this workshop you’ll learn what those new rules are, why they’re a good thing and how to build a thriving email system that sells more books.

    We’ll dive into the following topics:

    • The state of email marketing in 2024.
    • The Google/Yahoo update.
    • Deliverability strategies.
    • Double opt-ins.
    • The warm welcome.
    • Content strategy.


    Holly Darling is the owner of Holly Darling HQ, a business that focuses on helping authors create and implement their email marketing strategies to sell more books and build their brand loyalty. She has worked with creative business owners for the past ten years, helping them grow a business that is data-driven and automated, allowing them to spend more time on writing their books.

    She has appeared on multiple author-focused podcasts, delivered multiple workshops on email marketing and automation at over fifty conferences and appeared on Canadian news channels as a creative entrepreneurship expert.

    She is also a self-published contemporary romance author under the pen name Holly Mortimer, and she’s turned her passion for travel into a romance brand that transports readers around the world discovering love inside small towns in the UK and North America.

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