June Social 2017 Announcement

 Attend the ORWA spring social on June 11, 2017. It will be our last event until we reconvene in the Fall.

Professional Headshots

We will be offering the opportunity at the June Social to have a professional headshot done for each interested member. Anna Jones, an Ottawa wedding photographer, will take a number of different poses, expressions etc. and pick the ten best shots. She will then do minor edits (removal of blemishes, rakish dueling scars) and send the member a password-protected downloadable link to access the photos. Each password is different so no one but the member sees their shots. The member can pick a favourite for a bit of additional minor editing if she wishes. Anna will send a second password to allow the member to download the favourite picture. Anna will license the headshot to the member to use as they see fit. The photo shoot will be in a room with a neutral background or outside (weather permitting). A sample of Anna’s work can be found at www.annajones.ca

Cost will be $50/member with a possible reduction if there is a large number of people interested. Interested members might want to primp a bit for their photo (such as booking a hair appointment the day before). Space will be provided for makeup touch ups. People interested in having a professional hair/make-up artist come in for an additional cost for onsite touchups, contact Leslie Brown.

Awards ceremony

We will be awarding members with our annual awards, including:

  • Audrey Jessup Award
  • Jo Beverley First Book Award
  • Indie First Book Award
  • Phoenix Award
  • First Impression Award

Make sure to let us know if you qualify for any of them!