Blog Tours 101: The Essentials of Setting Up an Online Book Tour with Linda Poitevin

Whether you’re traditionally published or an indie author, virtual book tours have become the norm in our increasingly tech-oriented world. But where do you start? How do you find (and approach) potential hosts? Do you do-it-yourself or hire an organizer? How long should you do? And what the heck are you going to talk about on all those stops?!? If you’re hyperventilating at this point–or if you’re just curious about the whole online tour biz–this workshop is for you.

Linda Poitevin, author of the Grigori Legacy, will share with you the expertise she’s gained from three tours (two with an organizer and one on her own) and help clarify the process. Topics will include:

  • why you need to do a blog tour
  • the pros and cons of working with an organizer vs. setting up your own tour
  • what to look for in a tour host
  • the etiquette behind approaching a host
  • scheduling
  • interviews vs. guest posts
  • handing the inevitable pitfalls
  • brainstorming blog post ideas

Event Details

September 9, 2012 2:00 PM

Hall D, Mlacak Community Centre, Beaverbrook Kanata