Recap Feb 2019: Successful Author Mindset with Heather Elliott

Event recap

by Jennifer Carole Lewis

Heather Elliott of Mindful Change began her workshop on overcoming impostor syndrome with a powerful anecdote.  She’d signed up for a program she was very excited about and when the feedback on her first assignment arrived and indicated she hadn’t fully grasped the material as yet, she was overcome by shame and guilt.  Because that’s what impostor syndrome does, it tells us that we don’t belong, that we are fundamentally and irrevocably different from those around us and those we admire.  It steals our joy in our accomplishments and seeps into every facet of our lives.

It might sound like a pretty hopeless thing to try and face, but Heather bravely took us through her own personal journey.  She explained how the issues that create impostor syndrome are often rooted in childhood and reinforced by society, genetics and family.  To understand these issues, she walked us through a character arc of her own impostor syndrome, beginning with an inciting incident and moving through peak reinforcement and an eventual resolution.  To eliminate her inner impostor, she needed to examine and understand the entire arc and then collapse it, accepting a new version of herself.  Without the whispers of the impostor, she was able to stop faking confidence and develop true confidence.  One thing she told us echoed powerfully for romance authors: Love will rewrite the story.

It was an incredibly insightful and powerful workshop and those who braved the February weather received a gift from Heather, a copy of her book: 7 Critical Mindset Strategies for Entrepreneurs to Succeed.  And many of us walked away with new hope that we might also learn to silence the happiness thieves in our own heads.

Event description

Successful authors are those able to overcome decision fatigue, imposter syndrome, and burnout. They push past the pressures and fears and create their art.
With so much advice out there telling us what to do, how do we know what to focus on? In this workshop, Heather Elliot, Mindset Expert, will explain how to get in touch with the internal voice that helps successful authors make the decisions that are best for them and their creative endeavors.

There are an overwhelming number of experts or expert opinions advising you about what you MUST DO in order to succeed as a writer and the consequences of NO DOING IT. The volume of information actually makes it harder than ever to make a decision.

The potential to feel like a fraud (imposter syndrome) is greater than ever because of the ongoing comparisons we make between our choices and others. You’re then more likely to suffer burnout as a result of the increased stress your MIND is creating for you.

Heather will illustrate how the key to staying balanced while exploring our talent as a writer is to trust ourselves – something we’ve been conditioned to ignore.

About Heather:

Since 2005, Heather Elliott has helped hundreds of individuals make powerful, permanent shifts in their lives by changing the conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs that maintain their experience of the world.

Her techniques produce positive results in personal lives and business. Relationship health, self-esteem, physical and mental health, happiness, and abundance all increase as people discover the freedom to create a life they love on every level.

Heather and her Mindful Change process free people to become the most successful version of themselves possible while finally enjoying the life and lifestyle they’ve always wanted to live.

Heather will have copies of her book available (cash only): Same Shit Different Day is $20, 7 Critical Mindset Strategies for Success is $10.

Event details

February 3, 2019 (2:30 to 4:30pm)

Location: Nepean Centrepointe Library: 101 Centrepointe Dr, Ottawa, ON K2G 5K7 (Room 1A)

Free for members | $25 for guests

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