Romance writers spend a great deal of time sitting in front of a computer. This has huge implications for our body, mind and spirit. We are hunched over a keyboard, often brushing crumbs off our chest, and we push through an action scene that has our adrenaline pumping as if the gunman were chasing us, or we weep through an emotional scene right along with our characters. But alas, our backside is firmly planted in its seat. What does this do to your arteries, your adrenal glands and your waistline? What exercises can be done to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Which foods will increase productivity and creativity?

Tammy Plunkett started her professional life as a registered nurse in the cardiac and intensive care units. After twelve years of nursing she switched gears and stayed home to raise four children leading to an in-depth study and practice of both homeopathy and yoga. Tammy’s greatest joy is sharing her special view from both sides of the healing fence. She strives to combine evidence-based studies with alternative and complimentary practices to offer the general public the best of both worlds. After several successful workshops and speaking engagements, Tammy has decided to write a book in order to reach a larger audience.

January 8, 2012 at 2pm