April 2011: Practice Makes Perfect Pitching Workshop with Maggie Jagger

Maggie Jagger will lead a practice makes perfect pitching workshop. Pitching to agents and editors is part of writing life, no need to hyperventilate over it. We will take turns pitching and hearing pitches. If you are so afraid that you don’t want to come to this meeting, you can pretend to be an editor or agent and let us pitch to you. The brave will get the opportunity to pitch many times. Please prepare your pitches before the workshop begins.

About Maggie Jagger

Maggie Jagger is the author of three historical romances from New Concepts publishing. She was born in Yorkshire near Haworth, home of the Brontë sisters, whose books inspired her with a love of historical romance. The dark gothic phase didn’t last long because she discovered Jane Austen and enjoyed the lively humor in her voice.  Her character-driven plots have humor and lots of dialogue. She likes to surprise her readers and hopes to make them laugh.

Workshop Details

April 3, 2011 at 2pm