The seed for any story can grow from:

* an image * a scene * a central conflict
* a feeling * a character * a theme
* a sound * a snippet of dialogue * a world.


So, you have an amazing seed for a story. How do you discover if it will blossom into a short story, novella or a full-blown novel? What might that story look like? Have you ever started writing only to peter out after the first three chapters? If you’ve got a seed that you haven’t been able to grow into an amazing story, this Story Structure workshop might be for you.

About Marie Lilly

Marie Lilly is an Ottawa screenwriter, story consultant and editor. Story Structure is the secret weapon of screenwriters that can be adapted as a launching point for any fiction writers. Marie will present alternative story structures that you can use to inspire, envision and shape a powerful story that you “colour in” to create your own unique masterpiece.

Event Details

March 3, 2013 at 2PM

Hall B, Mlacak Community Centre, Beaverbrook Kanata