October 2011: Using POV to Create Emotionally Powerful Scenes with Opal Carew

As writers, we know all about POV, right?  We know the difference between first person, third person, omniscient, camera eye view, etc.  We know how to climb into a character’s head and immerse the reader in the story through that person’s perspective.  Make the reader see what that character sees, feel what that character feels.  In fact, to provide the whole gambit of sensual experience.

But do we really understand how we’re doing that?  Because if we do, we can do it more effectively.

As an analytical, computer programmer type, when I was learning to write, I wanted to really understand how to write effectively.  I tend to look for methodologies I can apply to a task, especially when I’m learning something new, and adding emotional intensity to my stories was something I felt strongly about.  Thus, I came up with a technique to evaluate how to thoroughly get into a character’s head and convey to the reader a deeper insight into that character, and thus provide a deeper emotional journey.

How do I do this?  I look at the actions in a scene and evaluate how the character will react based on those actions.  This involves looking at different levels of consciousness, from basic physiological reactions to stimuli, emotional repercussions to those actions, and so on to more cognitive responses.

Come to the workshop prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some work. I believe we learn by doing, so I’ll take you through some examples, then give you a starting point so you can use the techniques and shareyour results with the others in the workshop. If you have a basic scene, or part of a scene (about a page) you’d like to bring along, please feel free to do so.

Opal Carew is an award winning author who writes erotic romance for St. Martin’s Press, as well as Samhain Publishing, Red Sage Publishing, and Sinful Moments Press. She writes in several subgenres of romance, but all hot.

October 2, 2011 at 2pm