November 2013: Writing Professionally: How to Succeed as a Writer with Candice Vetter

Candice is a multi-faceted writer with broad experience in both the fiction and non-fiction writing worlds. She considers herself primarily a fiction writer (writing in genres that span romance to YA urban fantasy), but while waiting for the big book deal, she decided to put her skills as a writer to good use. Applying everything she had learned about fiction writing to non-fiction writing, enabled Candice to go from office admin (which she hated) to writing for a living (which she loved). Now Candice will share with ORWA the many things she’s learned writing non-fiction on tight deadlines for multiple publications and editors that can also be applied to fiction writing.

In her workshop for ORWA Candice will cover:

  • how to become a better writer (courses, workshops and memberships which are truly helpful)
  • the many paths of professional writing (journalism, non-fiction, fiction, advertising, technical, note-taking, summary reporting, and commercial)
  • the art of the query letter
  • getting a reputable agent
  • additional useful skills (e.g. photography)
  • getting paid v. writing for nothing
  • further resources to help get established

About Candice Vetter

Candice (a former president of ORWA) is currently working on her eighth fiction manuscript, a romantic YA urban fantasy and looking forward to reconnecting with former ORWAN colleagues.

Event Details

November 3, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Hall D, Mlacak Community Centre, Beaverbrook Kanata